MBBS in Russia
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• Mendelian and Chromosomal Disorders
• Assisted Reproductive Technologies
• Conservation of Biodiversity: In-situ and Ex-situ
• Populations Interactions
• Cell Division
• Ecosystem: Structure and Function
• Biotechnological Applications
• Evidences of Evolution
• Mutations and Genetic Code
• Characteristics of Different Phylum
• Floral Diagrams and Their Formulae
• The Tissue system
• Organ and Organ system: Earthworm, Cockroach and Frog
• Calvin cycle and C4 Pathway
• Aerobic Respiration
• Mechanism of Breathing
• Drugs and Alcohol Abuse
• Plant Breeding for Disease Resistance and Improving Food Quality
• Microbes in Industrial Products
• Immunity
• Co-dominance in Blood Groups
• Phases in Cell cycle
• Artificial and Natural Selection
• Phytohormones
• Separation and Isolation of DNA fragments
• Reproduction in lower organisms especially in plants
• DNA Replication and Transcription
• Menstrual cycle
• Human Circulatory system
• Kingdom Monera
• The Operon Model

MBBS in Russia

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