MBBS in Russia
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All About MBBS in Russia

The MBBS syllabus in Russia is full of practical knowledge and hands-on experience in a real-life situation. The top universities have an experience to teach MBBS course in Russia as long as 150 years! Studying at medical colleges in Russia for Indian students is a much better option as Indian private med schools lack practical experience and quality of education. Getting an MBBS degree in Russia from a top rated MBBS University in Russia with English taught course ensures a great medical career. MBBS in Russia in English is possible at few good and top Russian colleges for MBBS.

Studying at an MBBS college in Russia will always is better than paying the donation at Indian med schools due to the low cost of http://www.moksh16.com/mbbs-in-r.... Getting all the benefits of a good Russian MBBS university is a good idea. There are thousands of Indian students studying in Russia since last 25 years at Russian medical colleges for MBBS. There is a constant flow of Indian students in Russia on a huge scale. The Russian MBBS syllabus is also suitable for Indian students who have a dream to become a doctor. Medical colleges in Russia fees vary from one university to another. MBBS in Russia cost might vary according to the type, Grade and location of the university. To Study in Russia for Indian students serves as a great option because Russia MBBS costs much lesser than India.
Since 2015, the Russian currency “Rubles” have fallen drastically making this option extremely low-cost. The living cost in Russia while doing 6-year abroad program has come down to almost half in comparison to 2013. This coupled with the stringent situation on the intake for MBBS in China, the rush towards the MBBS in Russia at any of the above mentioned medical college in Russia has grown very quickly from 2015. Accordingly, the Russian MBBS fees structure is very low in 2017. However, there is no donation for taking an admission for MBBS course in Russia for Indian doctors at the best MBBS colleges in Russia.

The criteria set for eligibility for MBBS in Russia are minimal starting from 50% to 65% in PCB at 12th level. The subjects of MBBS in Russia are also quite the same as in India. Thus, MBBS education in Russia maintains its uniformity but also possesses diversity at the same time which is a unique combination. This makes medical studies in Russia at top medical colleges in Russia quite a convincing option.

Thus, education in Russia for Indian students is quite suitable. There is a test which few universities take just to ensure the basic level of 12th standard. Some of the best medical colleges in Russia for Indian students teaching MBBS in English are available for Indian students. It is true that Russia provides MBBS with less fees in the world which is not the case with other European countries. Also, because of its high quality and future prospects, doing medicine in Russia at any of the MCI recognized MBBS colleges in Russia assures Indian Students a great medical career ahead. The duration of MBBS course in Russia is more than that of India.

MBBS in Russia


Every year thousands of students appear for various entrance tests of engineering and medical to become engineers or doctors. But not all are able to make up to a good engineering or medical colleges. One should not lose hope at this point and try again to clear the exams. There is also another viable option of studying engineering and medicine that does not require any entrance examination but is recognized and valid degree programmed. This is pursuing engineering or medical study in Russia. Russia has always been ahead in the field of education and more specifically medicine and engineering. Studying in Russia is easy, cheap and flexible. No donations are to be paid to the universities in Russia. It probably has one of the best education systems in the world producing a literacy rate (98%) exceeding most Western European countries. Education is split into a compulsory Basic Education and Higher Education.


What attracts the young people so much from many different countries of the world to the Russian education? The most popular answer is good value for money. The study of international students at Russian state universities is subsidized by the Russian government by 50%. The foreign student pays for his tuition partially - 50% of actual cost of education. Average tuition fees per academic year amount depending on the specialty, university, language of instruction and city. Average accommodation fees at university hostel, the life and health insurance is there. This is precisely why higher education in Russia is affordable for many young people of the Globe. Due to the conditions provided by the Russian government tens of thousands of foreign students have the possibility to get qualified in Russian higher education at affordable prices in more than 500 medical, engineering, technical specialties and humanities.

• Multicultural and student-centered environment
• International programs accredited by International recognized boards
• Professional and attentive instructors
• Great experience of International students training
• Institute for International Education and Language Communication
• Comfortable accommodation on campus
• Perfect academic, sport and entertainment facilities
• Personal and professional growth
• Skills of communication at international academic environment
• Skills of work in international research teams
• Useful international relationships

MBBS in Russia

Direct Admission in Top Universities of Russia

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