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Moscow Aviation Institute

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is a leading Russian university that trains students in various fields of modern science and technology.

From the outset, MIPT has used a unique system for training specialists, known as the Phystech System, which combines fundamental science, engineering disciplines and student research. With a history rich in major events and longstanding traditions, MIPT pays well-deserved attention to its symbols. MIPT has an original emblem, which embodies its devotion to science.

Every 5 years MIPT marks two anniversaries, celebrating the creation of the Department of Physics and Technology at Moscow State University on November 25, 1946 and the creation of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, this took place five years later.

Course Syllabus


Radio Engineering and Cybernetics
General and Applied Physics
Aerophysics and Space Research
Molecular and Biological Physics
Physical and Quantum Electronics
Aeromechanics and Flight Engineering
Applied Mathematics and Control
Problems of Physics and Power Engineering
Innovation and High Technology
Nano-, Bio-, Information and Cognitive Technologies

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