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Crimea Federal University

Crimea Federal University is a century old university today & has numerous colleges, academies & departments working under it due to it’s federal status. The university has a teaching staff of more than 10,000 teachers today & has over 35,000 students.

The university has 8 academies & institutes, 5 centers & colleges and 7 research & science centers functioning under it which are spread in 11 branches across the Crimean peninsula. The university has made prominent contribution to the scientific development of whole Crimea and has provided several renowned academicians to the world.

Crimea Federal University carries out student teaching, training & research work too which help in overall development of student’s skill set for future. The university organizes national & international conferences, international events, meetings, conferences and round tables, etc each year. The university has partnership and exchange agreements with leading international universities & companies of the world. Crimea Federal University has modern & well equipped laboratories, specialized classrooms and student farms to provide the best in class training to international students.

The university has a well established library with large collection of books related to science, technology, fiction & research too. The university organizes various recreation & leisure activities for students like sports club, dance competitions, art societies, theatre groups, etc.

The Crimea Federal University has the following institutions working under it
Taurida Academy, Medical Academy named after G. I. Georgievsky, Academy of Bioresources & Environmental Management, Academy of Construction & Architecture, Institute of Economics & Management, Yevpatoria Institute of Social Sciences & Physics & Technology Institute. The university conducts medical course in English medium too keeping in mind the huge number of international students who are enrolled each year. Each year hundreds of students from India take admission in Crimea Federal University for MBBS in Simferopol.

Other Details

Faculties at Crimea Federal University

The medical department of the Crimea Federal University was started in year 1918 when Taurida Academy was founded & since then the university has been training students for MBBS in Simferopol. The medical faculties of the university are as mentioned below :
Faculty of General Medicine
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Clinical Psychology

The university has established an International Center especially for students coming from foreign countries & to manage their concerns under supervision of university. The staff engaged in teaching foreign students who come for MBBS in Crimea includes renowned professors, lecturers, doctors & guest lecturers from universities worldwide.

The teachers who teach international students from different countries are fluent in English language as all foreign students opt English as the medium of instruction for MBBS in Crimea Federal University. Latin language is also used extensively in the training period of students as the whole nomenclature of medical subjects is in Latin language. The university offers courses at graduate, post graduate & doctoral levels.

Each level of course is taught in accordance with international standards of medicine with precise & detailed information about each subject & practicals in hospitals of city when students interact with patients for clinical classes. The duration of MBBS course in Crimea for English medium is of 6 years which covers the theory & practicals equally. The first 3 years of course are more dedicated to theory while the last 3 years are fully dedicated to practical and clinical classes. The university has recently seen an increase in the number of admission for MBBS in Crimea since its annexation with Russian Federation and is hence working rigorously with all efforts to focus & give the best facilities in future.

Fees Struture

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
$8000 $3700 $3700 $3700 $3700 $3700
₹5,12,000 ₹2,37,000 ₹2,37,000 ₹2,37,000 ₹2,37,000 ₹2,37,000
Hostel For Students – ₹50,000
Food For Students – ₹50,000

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